Tawan Davis talks Philly Economic Future…

December 20, 2017 Steinbridge

Tawan Davis talks Philly Economic Future…

The Philadelphia 2018 Forecast for an Economic and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market outlook featured Tawan Davis who is the CEO and Managing Partner of the Steinbridge Real Estate investment group.

Tawan Davis is a former Wall Street and NYC Economic Development Corporation executive. He joined the Steinbridge Group as the first-ever CEO beginning in 2016. Having structured and invested nearly $1 billion in commercial and residential real estate, The Steinbridge Group expands their territory outside of their New York office headquarters building a new location now in the Philadelphia region.

The Steinbridge Group is a real estate investment firm that deploys capital for a group of unnamed private family and international investors which focuses on acquiring income-producing properties in gateway markets such as Washington, D.C., Boston, New York and now Philadelphia.

When asked why Steinbridge choose Philadelphia to begin this economic development, Davis mentioned “One of the reason I choose Philadelphia is because Philadelphia is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the United States and has experienced an unprecedented real estate boom in the last five to ten years after twenty to thirty years of relatively stable and stagnant real estate progression.”

Davis believes that there aren’t many investors with size, capacity, resources and financing that are active in that space in Philadelphia and believes Steinbridge can make the economic impact needed to do so for that specific demographic need in the city.