Innovative Investment Strategies



Single Family Build-To-Rent

Steinbridge is uniquely positioned to form strategic partnerships with community institutions who own underutilized properties and units. Our current pipeline and structured transactions includes over 3,000 units that provides long term economic value.

Steinbridge has developed a Build-for-Rent (BFR) strategy and pipeline through strategic partnerships with community organizations that own underutilized land and/or properties. Steinbridge will partner with these organizations to catalyze latent property assets into economically productive uses. The Steinbridge focus for BFR is primarily on transitioning areas in major metros with strong demographic and economic trends. Steinbridge tenants are often essential workers such as police, fire and medical professionals.

Steinbridge Build-to-Rent Strategy

In an interview at the Nasdaq stock exchange, CEO Tawan Davis describes Steinbridge Build-To-Rent strategy