Public-Private Partnerships


Public-Private Partnerships

Public entities and non-profit organizations around the country are focused on converting valuable underutilized assets to productive uses. In doing so, mission-focused organizations are able to catalyze economic development, return properties to productive uses, contribute fallow assets to the tax rolls, and reduce operating expenses and carrying costs.

Steinbridge principals work with national and local non-profits as well as local, state and federal governments and agencies to redevelop and activate underutilized properties. These projects have included groundbreaking initiatives in New York City, Washington DC, Philadelphia, South Florida, North Carolina, Los Angeles and Boston.

Latent Public Real Estate Asset Activation Creates Long-Term Gains

• Return Assets to Tax Rolls
• Reduce Public Operating Expenses
• Receive Up-Front Cash Influx
• Catalyze Inactive Space
• Create Economic Multiplier
• Create Direct and Indirect Jobs

Public-Private Partnerships Offer Significant Investment Premia

• Healthy Predictable Current Income
• Inflation Hedge
• Interest Rate Advantage
• High Risk-Adjust Returns
• Long Term Upside Potential
• Favorable Occupier Fundamentals

Public-Private Real Estate Partnerships Catalyze Pivoting Neighborhoods

U.S. MARKETS Marketwide Property Appreciation Transitioning Market Appreciation
Philadelphia 7.1% 20%
San Francisco 5.0% 20%
New York 4.9% 35%
Seattle 4.9% 25%
Washington D.C. 3.7% 17%
Boston 3.1% 15%