Community Impact

Our Impact

Steinbridge takes a long-term view of the cities and neighborhoods in which the Company works and invests. This means that we invest in the long-term growth and wellbeing of our communities and neighborhoods. Over time, our goal is to be a welcome neighbor.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Steinbridge Green


Our commercial office buildings have received LEED certification. The LEED Green Building Rating System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Commercial Leed

Critical to the Steinbridge investments is the inclusion of as many sustainable design features as possible in our commercial buildings. With an eye towards the future and smart growth, our teams have implemented plans that would provide a net positive impact for our buildings’ environmental footprint. Our commercial office buildings have received LEED Certifications by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Steinbridge Solar

Steinbridge is implementing a program to install solar panels on the residential homes that it owns. With hundreds of thousands of square feet of rooftop surface area, Steinbridge panels not only promise to provide energy efficiency for tenants and bring down the cost of powering a home, but excess energy generated from the solar panels are fed back into the electric utility grid, bringing down overall costs and increasing efficiency.


Northeastern winters can be brutal and dramatically increase energy use and the cost of warming a home or property. Steinbridge routinely works with its property managers and tenants and provides the opportunity to weatherize their properties for the winter months. Steinbridge will engage professional 3rd party winterization companies on behalf of each tenant as requested, as well as insulate plumbing and electrical connections.


Land Trust

Creating common and community spaces in pivoting neighborhoods is a key part of the growth of changing neighborhoods. Steinbridge has acquired numerous vacant sites in the neighborhoods in which it is investing. Steinbridge cleans, improves and maintains these sites while the neighborhoods around them grow and flourish. Near or adjacent to numerous Steinbridge residential or multifamily investments, these sites may also prove to be fruitful locations of future urban infill.

College & Preparation

Internships & Job Training

Steinbridge partners with and supports local organizations like the Urban League and Philadelphia Community Corps that provide extensive college preparatory, job training and workforce re-entry support to cities where Steinbridge invests.