Our Firm

The Steinbridge Group

The Steinbridge Group (Steinbridge) is a privately held real estate investment and asset management company based in New York City. Steinbridge invests on behalf of individuals, families, trusts, institutions as well as public and private funds. For decades, Steinbridge principals have developed, invested in, managed and leased over $12 billion of institutional quality real estate throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. Presently, Steinbridge is focused on acquiring high-quality assets in momentum submarkets of gateway US cities on behalf of global investors.


Our Experience

Trained in some of world’s leading real estate companies, banks, private equity firms and hedge funds, our investment team consists of veterans of real estate, investment analysis and business operations with over $12 billion of investing experience.


The investments & acquisitions team develops deal-critical insights as part of a competitive differentiation and sustainable advantage for Steinbridge.  We identify key sources, develop relevant analyses and devise actionable applications of non-traditional data sources that can be leveraged in Steinbridge’s real estate investment decisions and operations.


The Steinbridge asset management team has held various investment and asset management roles in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, with over $5 billion of asset management experience. Along with direct real estate investing, they have acquired, managed and advised of REITS, Real Estate Operating Companies (REOCs), funds, and private investors.


The Steinbridge Group has structured over $4 billion of leasing transactions, giving the team a unique understanding of real estate from the perspective of both occupiers and owners.  Our team’s leasing clients have included the world’s largest and fastest growing technology companies, global financial institutions, and international foundations.

Our Team


Founding Partner and CEO

Education: Georgetown University, Oxford College, and Harvard Business School
Experience: Goldman Sachs, Prudential, NYCEDC


Director of Operations and Property Management

Education: South Carolina State University
Experience: New York City Housing Authority


Construction & Project Management

Education: Adelphi University
Experience: Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital, JP Morgan

Incubating Real Estate Alpha

Capital disruptions or transitions create opportunities for outsized value creation in real estate. Steinbridge doesn’t just do deals, but seeks to build independent sustainable and scalable operating business strategies where unique property investment opportunities arise from capital market inefficiencies, disruptions, or transitions.

Pivoting Submarkets

The Steinbridge Group seeks outsized risk-adjusted returns through structured investments in high quality operating assets in pivoting submarkets of America’s gateway cities. These assets leverage primary market fundamentals with emerging submarket growth to deliver outsized value appreciation.



Steinbridge clients include high net worth families, trusts, individuals, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional investors.