150 Most Influential Philadelphians ~ Tawan Davis

November 4, 2023 Steinbridge

150 Most Influential Philadelphians ~ Tawan Davis

PhillyMagTake a look around you right now. Maybe there’s a crane or two that you can spot from your window, or a new apartment building that just opened its doors. After a few years of stagnation — much of it not the city’s fault — something feels different about Philly right now.

Since last year’s Most Influential list came out, Philadelphians have won a Nobel Prize, four James Beard Awards, the National League pennant, and the National Football Conference. Our biotech scene is booming, massive infrastructure projects are on the table, we’re preparing to elect a brand-new mayor, and there’s just a crisp sense of — what’s that? — civic pride in the air.

With that in mind, you’ll notice something a bit different about this year’s list: It’s bigger. Like, 50 percent bigger. Because in a city like Philly, where we take big swings, we found that even a list of 100 people wasn’t quite enough to distill the movers, shakers, power players and doers driving this burgeoning, vibrant region boldly into the future.


Wealth Generator

LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT: Now that he’s made homeowners out of the tenants who moved into his affordable rehabbed houses, the Steinbridge Group head plans to buy more houses in low-to-moderate-income neighborhoods and repeat the cycle.

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